Children experiencing difficulties with the acquisition of basic skills in elementary school often begin to run into other obstacles that at first appear unrelated to their academic problems. They can begin to exhibit negative behaviour and experience difficulty with their personal social interactions. Getting to the root cause can turn this around and make a world of difference in a child’s life.

Our Tutoring Program is a unique one-to-one, after-school and summer program offered to children of elementary school age. Gradual progression through individually tailored programs builds basic academic skills, confidence and self-esteem. Children are given a placement assessment and programs are built specifically to suit their individual needs. In addition to academic activities there is opportunity to focus on organization and study skills, keyboarding, and Assistive technology training. An individualized program is created for each child in the program, delivered by tutors and updated daily to remain responsive to the child’s abilities, needs and progress.

Children attend two nights per week from 4:00-5:00pm for a 15-week term held from September to January and February to June. The Summer Program is a half day program in two-week session blocks. Progress reports are provided and parents are kept informed of their children’s progress by staff and are welcome to discuss their child’s progress at any time.

Complete the form below to register your child. Please note that registration is not complete until payment has been received and staff have contacted you to confirm there is room for your child in the program(s).